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Focus for a Better Research Life – 專注使得研究生活更美好

Apical Lab 生技專業分工

At Apical Lab, we specialize in offering expert services in gene synthesis, protein research, and antibody development. Our aim is to provide high-quality technical support and services to researchers and organizations within the life sciences industry, enabling them to achieve their research goals with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

我們為基因合成、蛋白質研究乃至於抗體開發,提供專業的技術支援和諮詢服務,讓您可以專注於核心研究工作!透過 Apical Lab 數十年的研究經驗,可以為您帶來更好的研究效率,降低成本,加速實驗的進展!在 Apical Lab,我們的願景是為所有研究人員帶來更有品質的研究生活!

Why You Should Choose Apical Lab

Why Choose Apical Lab?

We provide professional research expertise and technical services, integrating the necessary resources to allow you to focus more on your core research. Let us harness the power of research for you.


With our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology, we minimize the chances of errors and enhance the efficiency of your research! Trust us to boost your research productivity.


Entrust your development to Apical Lab and enjoy the benefits of cost savings. With us, you don’t have to worry about equipment expenses, personnel costs, or administrative processes. Focus on your core research while we take care of the rest

交由 Apical Lab 進行開發,您不僅不用擔心相關設備的支出,亦不用負擔人事費用與各種行政流程所衍生的成本。

Apical Lab’s quality control processes deliver superior experimental results, ensuring you achieve higher standards. Say goodbye to repetitive and monotonous tasks that compromise your quality of life. Trust us to elevate your research experience.

Apical Lab 品質控管流程,能為您帶來更高水準的實驗結果,亦讓您不再為重複而單調的工作,犧牲更重要的生活品質!

Our Customers

At Apical Lab, we firmly believe that success stems from customer satisfaction.


apical lab 頂尖生技的客戶
apical lab 頂尖生技的客戶
apical lab 頂尖生技的客戶
Apical Lab 頂尖生技的客戶