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Apcial Lab is your one-stop service from genes to proteins to antibodies. It provides the optimal solution for your experiment.

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頂尖生技研發團隊 (Apical Lab) 提供基因合成服務、客製化蛋白質開發與表達、單株抗體或多株抗體開發,蛋白質結構分析等專業的生物技術開發服務。

Gene Synthesis

Gene synthesis is the process of chemically synthesizing a specific DNA sequence for applications in biotechnology research.

Custom Protein

Protein development refers to the process of optimizing the production of a protein of interest in order to obtain the desired quantity.

Custom Antibody

Antibody development refers to the process of creating and producing specific antibodies for use in research or diagnostics.

HPLC Analysis

HPLC 分析服務
Apical Lab provides an HPLC Analysis Service that accurately measures protein purity and examines various components.

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We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide customized solutions to achieve your research goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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We guarantee that all research and development processes are conducted in Taiwan. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, technical support, and fast delivery. Trust Taiwan-made products for your next experiment and see the difference for yourself.
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Products from Apical Lab are license-free for any utilities.

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Leave tedious work to us, and stay focus in your field.

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By possessing a specialized knowledge and skill set, researchers are better equipped to design and conduct experiments, analyze data, and interpret results with precision, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
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apical lab 頂尖生技的客戶
apical lab 頂尖生技的客戶
apical lab 頂尖生技的客戶
Apical Lab 頂尖生技的客戶